Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This Sunday was My 1st sunday as one of the ward librarians that is one of the best callings ever! I have never had an adult calling. Paul & I have always been in primary for the last 5 years so we have officially graduated! ( Paul is in young mens ) After church I got to go vivisting teaching that is such a great thing that is in our church it helps me to make friends I so easily get caught in a rut and forget that there are other poeple in this world and I don't venture outside of mine. It is also great to be in a ward that I know I will be at for a while instead of every year to 18 months changeing. After all the great church events of Sunday My family came over to eat dinner and take pictures for Grandpa Larson's 90th birthday photo book I have a really cute family!

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Whitney Ajeman said...

Your family is too cute! these pictures turned out great!!!!