Tuesday, March 25, 2008

trip to grandma's

Hey All these are pics from our salt lake city trip! We went to Utah to visit Paul's Grandma Mangum She is the sweetest lady ever. We also saw or in my case met new cousins. We had a great time. It was a very long weekend however going off 2 hours of sleep we went to temple square it is so beautiful there. We took the tour of the new conference center that building is amazing all on its own but then you add all the paintings and history that is in with it WOW! then we saw all the other buildings that are just as beautiful and full of history but they don't have a tour which is fine. the grounds where so green and full of color considering it snowed the whole time we where there.

This is us with grandma mangum she was not happy that i made her take a picture with paul and me but she did it anyway what a trooper. this is the hospital that she is in right now where they are trying to rehabilitate her. it doesn't look like a hospital it looks like a cute apartment or a hotel. And the food there is great we would have eaten with her except we didn't know we could until we went to leave but that's okay. She seems to be doing better than everyone expected. she was doing better than we had heard so it was great to see her looking good.

Here is the snow it was grey the whole time we where there but it was fun to be in different weather. We left Arizona at 80 degrees and landed in Utah at 30 degrees thank heavens for warm clothes well on my part paul and jeremy both had on shorts the first day good thing they had pants with them.

We went to Boondocks to ride go karts and play video games but the guys tried a flight simulator that turned out to be a virtual rollercoaster it spun them upside down and all around i was glad they had fun because i would not be part of that!

And then we had to say goodbye at 4:oo AM not fun but better than 2:45am going to Utah! it was a really great trip spending time with family i hope we can do it again soon!

Friday, March 21, 2008

our house

This is our new house for all those who haven't been out to see it or just haven't seen the updates .
This is a view of the front it is a two story home with 4 bed rooms 2 1/2 bathrooms a great room and a dance room
This is the entry way looking to the great room and the master bed wich is on the bottom floor and its great to not have to climb stairs when you are tired the kitchen is at the end of the great room to the left

this is the living /dinning are with mazie on the couchthis is the master bed room the bath is to the left and the closet too we love it in herehere is the wonderfuly red kitchen you can't tell from the living area that it is red so it is a little suprise when you come around the corner.this is obviously the stair way so i'll say no morethis is the second story you can see 3 bed rooms little 10 x 10 rooms not much to see and the lobby for my studio and of course the bathroom.last but not least my dance studio i teach about 20 kids from 2 years old to 13 years old various times through out the week it is so nice to work at home and still teach dance! Paul did the floors and the barres him self WOW!

Hey all-
We just wanted to put some of our favorite photos and memories out here to share with family and friends hope you enjoy them as much as we do!