Monday, August 17, 2009

Scottsdale Resort

This weekend Paul & I satyed at the Scottsdale Resort for our 5th Anniversary. We had such a great time we ate at chilies the 1st night. While we were sitting eating our chips and salsa we saw a Hummer tour drive by, Paul has always wanted to go on one, so we called the number on the side of the hummer and planned to go the next night for a desert night tour. We went out at 7:30 PM and came back at 12:00AM we got to use night vison scope, heat senser scope, and a star gazing information scope. We didn't see very much wild life a few scorpions a treanchela and a jack rabbit. My favorite part of the trip was the very end when we went romping throught the desert! That was the highlight of our weekend but we swam in the pool we watched Star Trek and The time travlers wife so we each got to pick a movie. The very last part of our trip was Donkin donuts Yummy!

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