Sunday, August 30, 2009

D-backs Game & Montgomery Gentry concert

Last Night Paul & I went to a D-backs game it was my very 1st one and it was great we had great seats complements of Uncle Don THANKS we Love them the score was dbacks 9 and astros 0 as in zip nothing! I must have been a good luck charm for them and they are welcome! We went with Kelsey & Akiva Destiny & Sean and few other of Kelsey & Akiva's Friends. After the game was a Montgomery Gentry concert on the Field. They rocked and I enjoyed their music I all the songs except 2 not bad for a girl that didn't like country until I met Paul but I suppose I have been listening to country music for 5 years now. It was so much fun Thanks for inviting us Kelsey next time we will invite you we want to have a game night at our house soon so anyone interested is welcome to come! Also yesterday I got to spend the morning with my mother-in-law Deanna my sister-in-law Amanda Aunt Cheryl and Geree we went shopping and ate lunch at Blue 32 Yummy! life is really great right now hope to keep that going & send my positive energy & love to all of my friends & family that are struggling.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This Sunday was My 1st sunday as one of the ward librarians that is one of the best callings ever! I have never had an adult calling. Paul & I have always been in primary for the last 5 years so we have officially graduated! ( Paul is in young mens ) After church I got to go vivisting teaching that is such a great thing that is in our church it helps me to make friends I so easily get caught in a rut and forget that there are other poeple in this world and I don't venture outside of mine. It is also great to be in a ward that I know I will be at for a while instead of every year to 18 months changeing. After all the great church events of Sunday My family came over to eat dinner and take pictures for Grandpa Larson's 90th birthday photo book I have a really cute family!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dog day of summer

It is so hot we are finding other ways to entertain ourselves!

Scottsdale Resort

This weekend Paul & I satyed at the Scottsdale Resort for our 5th Anniversary. We had such a great time we ate at chilies the 1st night. While we were sitting eating our chips and salsa we saw a Hummer tour drive by, Paul has always wanted to go on one, so we called the number on the side of the hummer and planned to go the next night for a desert night tour. We went out at 7:30 PM and came back at 12:00AM we got to use night vison scope, heat senser scope, and a star gazing information scope. We didn't see very much wild life a few scorpions a treanchela and a jack rabbit. My favorite part of the trip was the very end when we went romping throught the desert! That was the highlight of our weekend but we swam in the pool we watched Star Trek and The time travlers wife so we each got to pick a movie. The very last part of our trip was Donkin donuts Yummy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

5th Anniversary

Wow! Today is My 5th anniversary. Time really flies when you are having fun all though some days it feels like an eternity and for good reason. I feel like I have known Paul my entire life well we sort of have but just that the other person existed not who they are or what they interested in. Paul & I went to the school since 4th grade we had several classes together as we look back. We where in the same ward for a while during that time my Dad was Paul's scout leader and our Mom's were visiting teaching companions. It is funny how god puts us on the paths to our futures and when you look back and see all the serendipitous things in your past you realize how much God loves you! I love Paul with all my heart he is the greatest guy I know he is a man of his word he never says he will do something and then back out (sometimes that drives me crazy when it takes away from the things I want to do). He is a doer! When he is at my dance recitals I know I can count on him to get things taken care of even if he is the only one doing it. he is very inventive if I ask him to make something for me his "Paul Flare" makes it better than I could even imagine. And finally he know how to treat me he knows when it is ok to joke and ok to say "it will all work out" and when to listen! I love you Paul!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fry Mesa

We went to fry mesa for the weekend while we were in Thatcher for Kelsey & Akiva's wedding reception Paul & I decided we were going to have fun now matter what so we decide to go swimming at maryhilda but there was no water after we "hiked" in we had to climb over some rocks but it was work maybe not a hike but it felt like one. when we found that there was no water we decided to go to Fry Mesa. We stopped for lunch only to find that i left the bread on the counter Ahh! So we went to the knight house to let Kelsey & Akiva open their gifts from the night before. Then we went to Fry Mesa the road was a little bumpy but from what i was told it is way better than it use to be! So we had a great Adventure!

And good old Paul can't get away from his work his phone always rings even when we are having fun (it happend at our wedding pictures too!)

There were crodads every where big and small I do not think they are cute Kelsey did and she picked up some pretty ugly ones!

There was a bridge and stairs that lead down the damn i was even brave enough to climb part way down. It helps to have a great husband who makes me feel like I can do anything, but then reality sets in and I am half way down the side of a damn going "What was I thinking"

We stopped on our way down the mountain from Fry Mesa and took pictures with the Gila Valley in the background it is really neat to be from a place like this. That is why we live in Maricopa it is the same in many ways.