Thursday, June 26, 2008

My recital

Well it has been a very crazy couple of months! As most of you know I have started a small studio out of my house and we had our recital May 31st and it went great! I just got the pictures from Kelsey Knight ( my wounderful cousin). I was a little worried how they would turn out because it was caous from the second I showed up to the facility. The whole place had been gutted so I had nothing to work with. Still she got some great shots. We went to another location for pictures so we could have a nice back drop. Childeren were everywhere. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters everyone tring to get the girls to smile and look at them for that perfect shot. I should never underestamate Kelsey she always gets some great photots my house is proof enough for that! So Thank you Kelsey for coming through!! This is Tap/Ballet/Tumble class they danced to " I wont dance" I though it if them they are so cute but at this age you never know if they will or won't dance!

This is my Fairytale ballet class they danced to " Edelweiss" nothing really to do with fairytales just a really pretty song for pretty girls

This is my Tap/Jazz class the did 2 dances "Stupid Cupid " & " Route 66"

they are high energy girls that loved to dance