Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Salt Lake Trip May 2010

Paul & I went on a wonderful trip to Salt Lake May 20-23 2010 to see Grandma Mangum & escape life for a little while that was such a great idea as we had been running our selves ragged.  What started out as a relxaing get away quickly started srtessing us out.  We decieded to leave thursday night so we could get a full night sleep then have fun for 2 1/2 days well thursday nights I taught dance in Mesa so the last flight out of Pheonix was at 8:35 I finished teaching at 7:00 so we hustled over to the airport I changed in the car good thing for very dark tint in the back seat & years of side of the stage quick changes while trying to be modest it pays off in real life! We got to the parking lot just to watch the bus leave so we had to wait 10 minutes for it to come back. Everything was still going fine until we got to security.  We only had 5 people in front of us so that shouldn't take very long only it did there were 2 grandmas trying to go thru security in front of us & they packed everything but the kitchen sink in their purses after the sent their bags thru 3 time we are panicing but some one got the bright iidea to just dump everything out so they could see what was there. thank heaves because then it moved things along faster.  Now picture "Home Alone" or any other movie where people are running to the airport to get to their turmenal we get their & the man taking boarding passes says "Paul & Alyssa Mangum" we say yes are we the last ones he says " No just the only ones with the same last name." Well we were the last ones they shut the door behind us we barley made it on time. We relax for our hour and ten minute flight then we land and get our luggage and our rental car no problem we got an upgrade free because advantage ran out of economey cars.  So we got a sweet Ford expedition with heated leather seats which I used every time we got in the car.  Then I tried to navigate us to the Radisson no luck the two time we had to turn around then Paul pulled over looked at the directions and safely got us to our hotel we later found out we were practicly in Sandy where his Grandma, Aunt, & cousin live.  Well once we are at the hotel we think finally we can go to bed nope.  We get checked in & we hae 2 full beds when we asked for a king so we go back down and the only room left with a king bed has a handicap bathroom that was horrible the shower was a hose and to drains in the  floor so we flooded the bathroom when we took a shower but we would have to sleep in seperate beds in the other room so we took it for the night.  we slept great because we had sleep number beds.  I would recommed a Raddison just because of the beds.  The next day we went to breakfast because we go it free from the room mix up. It was so good I loved the food at the hotel resturant.  After that we went & suprised Grandma Mangum she is so cute she opened the door thinking we were her neighboor and she took a step back in shock I worried we would give her a heart attack but she was fine.  we went & saw her every day but she made me cry the last time because she didn't want us to leave it broke my heart because we never know if we will see her again.  We went to Paul's Uncle Deny & Aunt Lorien's house to see what they were up to ans Laura & her son Brooks came by it was nice to visit with them.  Deny recommended food by our hotel & we walked down to the Sky box and it started raining so we ran to the resturant. When we order our food we thought we could eat most the food but the portions were huge! The food was great we just didn't even come close to finishing. so after we got back to our hotel we decide first thing in the morning we would go get warmer clothes & an umbrella because it was going to be cold & it was while we walked around temple sqare it started sleating in May I was horrifed! We hurried across the street to Deseret Book to warm up I have never been to one this big I could have bought everything but then I would have never gotten it all home so we bought a few books and called it good it had stopped raining so we walked to the the Lion House pantry for lunch it was really good I loved their bread I took some back to our hotel whith me and snacked on it.  We went to dinner that night with Kyle Wright and his wife Lindsey they were such great company we ate at chili's that is always good. Then we went to the Jordan River Temple and walked around. The next day we went to JB's For Breakfast then checked out of our hotel and head home we knew that a freind of ours was heading home from Utah the same time we were we just didn't excpect him to be on our flight it was really funny to ride home with some one we knew.

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Gila Valley Temple open house May 15th 2010

Gila Valley Temple May 15th 2010
Paul & I went with the youth of our ward to the temple open house because we are from the Gila Valley so my parents decided to go that day also.  It was awsome to see so many friends and family all in one place.  My grandma & grandpa Williams where at the opne house unlocking some ones car so we got to see them too! what a beautiful temple I told Paul now we have to go get remarried at this temple because it is our home town. I will be jealous of any cousins that get married there.