Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fry Mesa

We went to fry mesa for the weekend while we were in Thatcher for Kelsey & Akiva's wedding reception Paul & I decided we were going to have fun now matter what so we decide to go swimming at maryhilda but there was no water after we "hiked" in we had to climb over some rocks but it was work maybe not a hike but it felt like one. when we found that there was no water we decided to go to Fry Mesa. We stopped for lunch only to find that i left the bread on the counter Ahh! So we went to the knight house to let Kelsey & Akiva open their gifts from the night before. Then we went to Fry Mesa the road was a little bumpy but from what i was told it is way better than it use to be! So we had a great Adventure!

And good old Paul can't get away from his work his phone always rings even when we are having fun (it happend at our wedding pictures too!)

There were crodads every where big and small I do not think they are cute Kelsey did and she picked up some pretty ugly ones!

There was a bridge and stairs that lead down the damn i was even brave enough to climb part way down. It helps to have a great husband who makes me feel like I can do anything, but then reality sets in and I am half way down the side of a damn going "What was I thinking"

We stopped on our way down the mountain from Fry Mesa and took pictures with the Gila Valley in the background it is really neat to be from a place like this. That is why we live in Maricopa it is the same in many ways.

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