Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dance Recital!

These are Pictuers from last weekend at my dance studio Kelsey Knight Came Out and tokk these pictures. they turned out great!! I love this one in the blue they are all 2 or 3 i reminds me of the Anne Gedes picture of all the babies in pink tutu's. This Friday May 29th is my 2nd dance recital we are holding our show at Global Water's Confrence Room from 7:00 - 8:00 PM I am So excited to be able to do the things that i love love God has truely blessed me!

Taylor Family Reunion

Confrence weekend all of the Taylor Family met at the Verdan church. We had a great weekend! We talked and ate and played games it was a great time! there was a football game, marshmallow eating contest, water balloon launching (at cheryl) and a fashion show!

Sedar Springs

I Went Camping In A Tent! Easter Weekend I was talked into going camping with the Knight family. Every Easter for as long as I can remember the Larson side of my family has had a picnic easter weekend at Sedar Springs. I am not sure when it became a camping trip? Well Paul loves to camp and when he found out we where invited I had no choice. I had a good time but it was COLD burr! I wore everything I packed for 2 days. My dogs however loved it they love camping Paul has taken mac before but this was Mine and Mazie's 1st camping trip. I was glad to have my dogs at night they are very good heaters! good thing they like to snuggle or it wouldn't have worked to well.


Last week was crazy with graduations in my family! Ashlee promoted from the 6th grade she will be going into Junior High! Brenten graduated form High school AHHH! And Cameron graduated 8th grade he is going into High school! WOW my sibling are all growing up so fast.