Thursday, August 13, 2009

5th Anniversary

Wow! Today is My 5th anniversary. Time really flies when you are having fun all though some days it feels like an eternity and for good reason. I feel like I have known Paul my entire life well we sort of have but just that the other person existed not who they are or what they interested in. Paul & I went to the school since 4th grade we had several classes together as we look back. We where in the same ward for a while during that time my Dad was Paul's scout leader and our Mom's were visiting teaching companions. It is funny how god puts us on the paths to our futures and when you look back and see all the serendipitous things in your past you realize how much God loves you! I love Paul with all my heart he is the greatest guy I know he is a man of his word he never says he will do something and then back out (sometimes that drives me crazy when it takes away from the things I want to do). He is a doer! When he is at my dance recitals I know I can count on him to get things taken care of even if he is the only one doing it. he is very inventive if I ask him to make something for me his "Paul Flare" makes it better than I could even imagine. And finally he know how to treat me he knows when it is ok to joke and ok to say "it will all work out" and when to listen! I love you Paul!!

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Whitney Ajeman said...

Congrats on 5 years!!! You guys are such a great couple and I look up to you in many ways! Here's hats off to many to come.... and maybe a baby already? LOL