Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wow I can't beleive what a whirlwind the hoilday were and we are already back to our real life.  Christmas was so great getting to spend it with my family in Pine AZ thanks to Bob we got to enjoy each other spending time talking about the birth of the savior how he really changed our lives and that christmas isn't about how many gifts you give or recive but how much thought you put into the gift you give and we also enjoyed the snow.  the only down side was we took our dogs and there was no fence for dogs that are use to roaming free in their backyards.  The day after christmas was great too Paul & I spent the day with his family at our house only that meant adding clean house to my check list of things to do before we left for christmas but it also meant not having to pack our christmas presents anywhere since we just did that to go to pine.  I don't have any pictures from the Mangum family chrismas only the Williams family christmas I will have to ask Carrie for some  of hers she took plenty of pictures.  As we started this new year Paul & I got to refelct on the things we are good at giving talks in church aren't on that list but that is what helped us remeber the things we are good at.  I spoke in church on "Developing Talents" something I feel qualified to speak on unlike the atonment which I have spoken about before and Paul spoke on " Severvice" I am sure that many people would agree with me that Paul is excellent at service he loves to help people. It was an awsome week of reflecting on the things we are good at and I feel it has made this week extra special too because all the peolpe that helped me remember what i am good at Spiritually and Physically.  I learned that my freinds and family notice the things that i do and know me pretty well I want to try to live up to all the great things that were said and keep them in my heart to remeber that some of the people I meet may not know the great talents God has given me and to try to show them the best side of me all the time.