Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back Yard!

Yeah! We have finally started working on our back yard we trenched the holes for the sprinklers, put in the valve, the pipe, and the sprinklers, and I got to help! I know you are thinking Lyss digging in the dirt no way but it is true. All I really did was to cover the holes up and put togther the risers to the pipe. Paul did everything else he is a landscaper after all so he should do more than me. The dogs had so much fun they wanted to help dig the holes but we wouldn't let them. we turned the sprinklers on at the end Mac thought it was great Mazie however did not!

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July !! We had a great time the park in our community has parties for almost every ocasion and this was no exception. We barbaqued at my house then we went to the park they had booths and water slides then at 8:00 we watched the Sandlot and at 9:30 we watched
fireworks. It was alot of fun but as you can see some people are missing ? My Dad, Bethany, and Brenten. They missed out on alot of fun.