Sunday, March 28, 2010

My 25th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me!! I had the best birthday yesterday Paul took the whole day off to spend with me.  I started off the morining getting a massage it was so good I felt so relaxed the rest of the day thanks Amy.  Then we went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3-D that was the cutest movie I really enjoyed it.  After the movie we went to Paridise Bakery because they have the best food and did I mention cookies they have great cookies they are bogo (buy 1 get 1 free) we got white chocolate chip macedamian nut, snickerdoodle, sugar & coconut chocolate chip yum!  Then I went visiting teaching were I got brownies those aren't my favorite ,but Paul got to eat them for being a good sport. I also had activity day where the girls sang to me it was so fun.  Then I went to Chili's for dinner with my family minus Brenten I am not sure where he was.  I got to laugh and have fun all day thanks to my wonderful husband who did his best to love everything we did, he did have to go shooting the next day to get some of his masculinity back.  Thanks to all who left me messeages on facebook, my email, voicemail, and text message it truley helped make my birthday special!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiffany Spoon's Bridal Shower

Tiffany's Bridal Shower
My Mom, Bethany, & I made a day trip to Thatcher to visit long time family friends for a bridal shower it was a rough start we had to wait for Bethany to finish teaching for the gym then we ran into renissance festial traffic we were backed up from sossman all the way past gold caynon & renissance festival. We got to the shower an hour late but they didn't really start until we got there so it was great to sit and talk and enjoy old friends I look forward to doing it again soon!

ostich festival

The Ostirch Festival Parade I love parades you get to get up way early in the morning which of course I love to do ,no not really but it is for a good reason, then we check in and start decorating only it is still cold so your fingers don't work the way want them to but this year we made a really nice float we put way more balloons on our float then in years past each year we get better if you don't know what I mean you should go back to my december post and look at the chandler light parade wow! But like the light parade we ran down the battery on the Tahoe and almost missed the parade but we got Tonja's car pulled around and jumped the Tahoe and a way we went a nice little burst of adrenaline right before we started the parade.

Paul & Parker go to the Wildlife Zoo

Ok So I didn't go with Paul & Parker to the Zoo but I am the one who is crazy about journaling aka blogging so I will post these pictures.  This year for Parker's birthday my wonderful mother-in-law Deanna gave Paul and I the idea to give Parker an excperience for his birhtday rather than a gift he would out grow by the end of the year.  What a great idea next time however I want to schedule things better so I can go too.  So we gave Parker a card that said" we wannt to give you a gift that you won't out grow so we thought we would give you a memory you can't out grow that ask Uncle Paul what it is"  so parker asks what is my gift? Paul tells him we are going to the Wildlife Zoo.  Parker was excited but not as much as his cousin Colten he started screaming the Zoo it was so cute but then his dad tells him to give Paul a hug for taking him to the zoo (of course Paul isn't taking him to the zoo but we would have taken him home with us he is so darn cute) he hugs Paul and works his way down the line and hugs everyone at the party.