Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Landon is 6 months!

Can you believe I have had this sweet sweet baby boy for 6 months!? I really can't I have so many friends and family that are pregnant right now ( Congrats to all! btw ) & it really seems like yesterday that I was where they are.  Landon has mastered some pretty exciting things he can now sit up unassisted & if he wants that toy he is very good at gracefully falling to the floor to get it.  He rolls like a log & spins in circles whenever he is on the floor, he will army crawl if you make him but then he pushes his head down & I wonder if he might somersault instead. if you are holding him he arches his back & kicks he legs frantically until you put him down because he is a big boy now (sniff sniff as I wipe my tears).  He babbles & carries on conversations with me. He has learned to screech with excitement.  When Landon gets mad he gives  me the stink eye & says mamamama. Paul always asks me "are you going to be ok if he says dad 1st?" & I tell "him no he already says mom".  His favorite shows to watch are Baby Einstein & Mickey Mouse Club House we record Mickey so he can watch it at different times of the day. Landon loves his 4 legged siblings he pulls Mazie's hair & Mac's lips & ears, but they love him too.  When every Mac & Mazie lick Landon he laughs if they make funny noises he laughs.  Mazie thinks he is old enough to play fetch it is really sweet how much they love each other. Landon likes to sit in the sink & help me get ready he pulls my make up out of the bag because he loves the pattern of the bag he like the hair accessories too they give me an extra 10 minutes to get dressed.   Landon loves to watch my dance classes he loves to watch the girls in all their colors move around him. Yesterday I am pretty sure he was dancing in his bouncer as he watched the girls it was so funny. Landon really loves his Daddy they have a special bond Paul can always get Landon to laugh even if he has been crying for me. He is growing into such handsome young man that I love more & more each day! Someday I hope Landon will get a chance to read my blog posts & journal entries about him & how much he is loved.  I love you Landon! Love Mom