Wednesday, July 6, 2011


May was full of adventure for our sweet Landon! We went to Thatcher twice the 1st time was so exciting because Landon got to meet so many new people.  Landon got to meet his Great Grandparents I was sad to realize we took pictures with all of them but his Great Grandma & Grandpa Williams all of them were so excited to meet him & just loved him as of course they should.  He also got to meet his great Aunt Emily & his cousins Erica, Marley, & Mackenna. He also met his honorary family Joni & Tiffany and my best freind Aubrey her husband & kids.  I had my very 1st mother's day which was also the 1st time we took Landon to church he looked so handsome in his church clothes we also had Landon's baby blessing but I will dedicate an entire post to that.  We went Back to Thatcher for Anthony's Wedding reception My Mom & joni were so cute with their grandbabies! & Sadly Landon out grew his newborn clothes!