Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tagged 6 Quirks

If you ask Paul he calls my quirks my different personalities!

1. I hate feet yuck! don't touch mine don't touch me with yours and we can be friends.
2. My closet is color cordinated black to white short sleeve to long. I like to walk in and know what I am looking at.
3. I can't sleep next to the door. Every time we move Paul has to change side because I won't sleep I just stare at the door waiting for someone to come through and get me!
4. Splitting the pole. If Paul and I are walking and there is something in between us I make him go to one side or the other (it is also bad luck to split the pole).
5. I don't like chocolate. I always get it for christmas and it usually doesn't get eaten.
6. I eat my sandwiches and burgers upside down. The way that food is wrapped makes it so I eat upside down.

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