Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Election

I had to detach my self from the news for a while because there are so many things being said I felt I had scensory overload. I can appericiate the historic nature of this election even if I don't agree with all that happend. I did not vote for Obama but I don't feel that either canidate could turn things around with the economy. I think it is congress that needs a change it is mostly Democrat and maybe with a Democratic president people will see how bad things get vote for "change" real change not the kind that they think they are getting. I also know that as member of the latter day saint faith I need to stand by my president! It is neat to know that my childeren will know that I was part of an election that has such historical value. I hope for the best I can't focus on "this is the end" like I have heard so much of. I want to look to the future with joy and happiness.

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