Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One More

I really am not a political junkie but there is so much to say about the new president and about prop 8 and 102. We all need to pray for those who need our help!

"Barack Obama was not my choice, but he is my president. That is true of all Americans. For the last eight years, there has been an ongoing campaign of destruction meant to handicap and hobble the last president. I refuse to be part of an effort to do the same to the next president. Those who didn't vote for Barack Obama must set a higher standard of civility and citizenship than those who didn't vote for George W. Bush. In defeat, there must still be nobility."That doesn't mean silent servility. It doesn't mean differences and principles are ignored."But it does mean the new president gets a new chance. It means we all must pray for him and work with him to make our country stronger and safer and better."The last eight years have taught us what happens when you set out to destroy a presidency for political gain. You help your candidate, but you hurt your country. That pattern must not be followed with this new president. America must treat Barack Obama better than he treated George W. Bush."

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