Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcoming Landon Carter Mangum!

Wow I can't believe landon is a month old now time has just flown it feels like he has always been in our family! It has been amazing to see his little personality it is the same as when he was in my belly. A month ago paul & I were in the hospital having our son he came into the world March 29th at 11:20 PM he weighed 7lbs 4oz & was 19 3/4 inches long.  Landon was born at Chandler Regional Medical Center that wasn't where I planed to deliver but the week before I was sent to Chandler Regional for high blood pressure I had to stay over night for observation when I went home I was on bed rest it was hard because I am an active person but it worked out because I had finished teaching so I could relax but would have loved to go out for my birthday but I wasn't in the hospital on my birthday.  When I went to my doctors appointment the following monday my doctor decided to induce me for my health & she practices at Chandler Regional. I was so worried because this wasn't the hospital I wanted to deliver at & I didn't want to be induced I had only heard horror stories about it. I spent the rest of the day preparing myself for the birth of my son. The next morning we went to the hospital I checked in for a 7:30 am induction I was hooked up to pitocin at 9:00 am everything went smooth I was progressing slow but steady. We loved the nurses they took really good care of us.  At 5:00 my doctor broke my water then things moved really quickly I was not prepared for the contractions I was having because I really had not experienced them up to that point. I wish the nurses would have told I wasn't coming off the pitocin I would have gotten my epidural sooner.  When I got my epidural I was having hard contractions so it was difficult to hold still but what made it more difficult was that the numbing shot before the epidural didn't work & it made me scream as the anesthesiologist tried to put in the epidural when he realized I wasn't numb he gave me another shot & got the epidural in but he hit a nerve in my right leg ouch! After my epidural kicked in my mom & dad came by to check on me but they only stayed for a few minutes because I was ready to push.  I started to push at 10:00 I was so glad to have Paul supporting me when I was to tired to hold my self up he did it for me & he was telling how great I was doing. Once Landon was here they laid him on me & I couldn't believe he was here I already loved this little guy that I just met.i cried I had this perfect miracle that was just placed into my arms. Then the nurses took him to measure & weigh him they asked Paul were his camera was & he told them he wasn't use to being the person behind the camera it made me laugh because I am the one behind the camera. That quickly changed ask Paul to see his son & he will show you his gallery of pictures not that I am any better. When we came home we had a cute stork on our door the next 2 days we had friends & family come to meet our sweet son. I know that we couldn't be happier even if we were getting a full night of sleep!

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