Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nursery Leaders

Paul And I have been called to be senior nusery leaders! We are so excited about our calling last ward never gave us a calling because we lived in the apartments so we wouldn't be there long enough to help. We love the kids it has to be the best calling we get to do singing time that is kind of scary because I don't sing and neither does Paul. But we have little cut outs and hepl mates to get us through. And the lessons are simple but to the point that our heavenly father loves us! Plus snack time I think that is Paul's favorite time it is pretzel's and animal crackers. Then we play with the kids there are 14 kids but we usally omly have 10. There are 3 girls that love paul they will sit in his lap the whole time if we let them. It is really sweet to see him loving them and them loving him. At first I was frustrated because all the kids loved him and I was just the lady that gave the lesson but things are starting to turn around and they love me too. We have been in nursery for 3 weeks now but they told us we only had six months because it is an isolated calling but I think it will be the best six months!


Chris and Aub said...

WOO HOO for nursery. Chris and I were in it for a year and a half. We had 30 kids. Talk about your birth control. You will love it!

Lara B said...

Wade & I did nursery when we were first married and we loved it! Enjoy yourselves. Come and visit us soon. :)